3'30" DK

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    We give too much credit to the fact that someone watches us.
    Actress and Choreographer Vanessa Calderon shows the journey that a performer goes through in 3’30” minutes to make the society turn its head in the right direction for a change.
    The short film directed by Daniel Diosdado is a sharp and furious critic to hypocrisy and praise to vulnerability; those things that scare us and force us to make many mistakes.


    2012 – 2º puesto en la Plataforma Iberoamericana de Berlín, Alemania
    2012 – Certamen Internacional de Coreografía Burgos-New York. Teatro Principal. Burgos.
    2012 – Video Dance Festival. Sao Carlos. (Brasil)
    2012 – La Boca del Lobo. Madrid.
    2012 – Finalista en Cortos con Ñ.
    2012 – II Visualízame – Festival Audiovisual y Mujer. San José. Almería.
    2012 – Dança em Foco – Festival Internacional de Video y Dança. Rio de Janeiro. Brasil.
    2012 – WeArt – Festival de Arte Contemporaneo. Barcelona.

  • CAST

    Vanessa Calderón – She
    Daniel Diosdado – He

  • CREW

    Directed by Daniel Diosdado
    Script – Vanessa Calderón
    Choreography – Vanessa Calderón
    Director of photography – Luis Malibrán
    Music – Tom Waits