Nomada FilmsExperimental, Feature films, Fiction


The police in two different rooms at the station interrogate Ernesto and Sara, philologists and friends.
The reason for all this questioning is that in the last therapy session they were running, one of the patients was attacked and another apparently committed suicide.
That particular therapy has to be held in a cabin in the woods with no contact with civilization. The patients spend the nights there and attend to therapy during the daytime.
They all want to live a better life. They want to forget their past and start all over again.
All but one who has different plans for the group…

  • CAST

    in alphabetical order

    Pilar Alonso – Amanda
    Tirma Ayerbe – Sara
    Damián Benincasa – Mario
    Ángela Boix – Ana
    Ana Gete – Manuela
    Toni Martínez – Víctor
    Jesús Monroy – Joaquín
    Rosa Puga Davila – Lucía
    Eva Redondo – Eva
    Santi Senso – Vicente
    Germán Torres – Ernesto

  • CREW

    Produced and directed by Daniel Diosdado
    Script – Pilar Alonso, Tirma Ayerbe, Damián Benincasa, Ángela Boix, Daniel Diosdado, Ana Gete, Jesús Monroy, Rosa Puga Davila, Santi Senso, Germán Torres.
    Director of photography – Pedro Trejo
    Sound – Agustín de la Fuente
    Sound mix and master
    Playground Estudios – Nerio Gutiérrez Ross, Germán Gutiérrez Ross
    Los2pcs films – Santiago García López
    Editing – Daniel Diosdado
    Camera operators – Javier Casas del Pozo, Daniel Diosdado, Elena Pulido Presa.
    Production assistant – Marisa Carballido
    Music – Dadavant
    Songs – “A cientos de años luz”, “Mi guitarra y el blues”. Written and played by Última Experiencia