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Nomada FilmsDance films, DeMotion Act, Documentaries, Drama, Experimental, Fiction, Short films


    Nómada Films presents a DeMotionAct film in association with Revuelo:
    Between 1995 and 2000, in an attempt to reduce poverty, more than 300.000 women and 25.000 men were forcibly sterilized in Peru.
    This DeMotion Act metaphor is dedicated to them…

    What is DeMotionAct?
    It’s a artistic communication technic developed by actress and choreographer Vanessa Calderon.
    DeMotionAct combines dance, acting and film to bring social awareness upon women and their struggle to survive in the different societies.


    2015 – Festival Cinema com Farinha, Brazil
    2015 – Cine Cipó, Brasilia, Brazil
    2015 – Festival de Cine de Madrid-PNR
    2015 – Festival de Cinema de Girona
    2015 – 19th Lima Film Festival, Perú
    2015 – 5th edition of Visualízame, Madrid, Spain
    2015 – Rafal en Corto, Spain

  • CAST

    Vanessa Calderon
    Marbe Marticorena


    Eduar Manuel Muñoz
    Manuel Argüelles

  • CREW

    Directed by Daniel Diosdado
    Story by Marbe Marticorena, Vanessa Calderon
    Produced by Daniel Diosdado, Vanessa Calderon, Marbe Marticorena, Marianne Espinosa, Alex Kurze
    Director of photography Marianne Espinosa
    Edited by Daniel Diosdado
    Stage fight choreography by Vanessa Calderon, Marbe Marticorena
    Art director Valentina Vicent
    Music by Stephen Brennan, Jeremías Urrutia
    Sound designed and mixed by Roberto Herrador
    Hair stylist Greta Campo
    Wardrobe by Lucy Ann, Beacon’s Closet